See Them. Meet Them!

Are you tired of the swiping, messaging, ghosting cycle that never results in a real life conversation?

Ready to actually meet the people you like from the very moment you first set eyes on them?

Enter Leap Meet. It identifies individuals around you that share your interests and are open to exploring further.

Use Technology to Meet Organically. Now.

Your New Wingman

Leap allows you to meet strangers you cross paths with. Possibilities are endless! You can now meet people while working out at your gym, partying with friends at a local festival, cruising with family, attending a professional conference, or tailgating!

State-of-the-art geo-location features and safety measures allow you real time, face-to-face connections in the places you love to go.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to countless, real-life moments! Take The Leap!

Authentic. Instant. Spontaneous.

How It Works

Leap is a revolutionary platform that allows you to connect with people in your immediate surroundings.

It’s simple to use, too!

Just fill out your profile, visit a place that you enjoy, and instantly see others in the area also looking to connect.

With Leap, the endless opportunities are right in front of you.

Leap App Features

Meet like-minded peers in safe venues where you set your level of privacy. It's your choice. You can opt to be visible to everyone or to only those you chose, which can reduce awkward and unwanted encounters.

Use It Anytime,


Leap is an always-on community that allows you to meet your online match instantly anywhere in the world.

Know What Others

Are Seeking

When you see someone you like in the real world, you can check their profile on Leap and find out whether they are open to meeting and /or compatible.

Safe Environment

Meet like-minded peers in public venues where you know your safety is a high priority. You can choose to meet only the people you’ve exchanged messages with, if that is your comfort level.

Reverse engineering online dating.

Stop swiping. Get out there! Start livin' la vida local!

Got questions? Let us know how we can help!